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Performance reporting

King’s has a long history of excellence in IT development and was one of the first Trusts in the UK to introduce an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system.

We are an international leader in healthcare performance management solutions. Our suite of web-based tools is used by other healthcare organisations in the UK and internationally. These tools ensure that the Trust runs at maximum efficiency levels at the lowest possible cost whilst ensuring that we maintain our high standards at all times. Electronic visual management systems are used Trust-wide to ensure managers can monitor what is happening right down to patient level.

We have a large in-house team of clinical analysts and software developers, a wholly owned healthcare IT company – Agnentis Limited – and joint development agreements with a number of multinational companies such as CACI, iSoft and McKesson.

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Performance management system

Our performance management system, including a suite of web-based tools, is used at all King’s Health Partners facilities.

Developed at the Trust by Agnentis, in collaboration with B-Plan Information Systems, it enables the automated collection of relevant performance data, which is then displayed as a Balance Scorecard. Information is available online, allowing senior managers to review overall performance and identify problem areas.