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Our services

Feasibility studies

We help healthcare providers, diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies to better understand the current and potential markets for their products and services as well as discovering new growth opportunities in challenging markets.

Our clients appreciate our ability to develop clinically credible approaches using the wealth of resources available from our world-leading academic and clinical teams. We provide opportunity assessments and peer reviews that include gap analyses, best practice recommendations, governance structure reviews and detailed implementation plans.

We ensure that decisions to invest and disinvest are robust, transparent, evidence-based and rigorously tested – including full due diligence – to gain the buy-in of all stakeholders, including managers, clinicians and patients.

Key service features

  • Opportunity assessments
  • Peer reviews
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Governance structure reviews
  • Detailed implementation plans

Project case study

African Export-Import Bank

We are working with the African Export-Import Bank to help further develop Africa’s healthcare infrastructure. This includes establishing specialist centres of excellence for the treatment of non-communicable diseases.

For example, we are currently working on a proposal to develop a Centre of Excellence for the treatment of blood cancer and haematological medicine in West Africa. The project aims to improve the local delivery of first-class medical services and so reduce the need for healthcare tourism.

The collaboration is part of the Trust’s wider initiative to expand our work overseas for the benefit of patients. Longer term, we will be looking with the bank at other opportunities to improve the continent’s healthcare infrastructure, including studying the care needs of different populations and how to meet them.