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Stroke Masterclass and live Q&A

If you have an interest in neuroscience, tune into the Stroke Masterclass from King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The Neurosciences Centre at King’s College Hospital provides services to a population of 4 million across south east London and Kent. The Centre incorporates a comprehensive range of clinical services that work together to meet the complex needs of people with neurological conditions. Collectively, we offer one of the largest neurology, neurosurgery, neurophysiology and neuropsychiatry services in the country.

Our Stroke Masterclass is an interactive and high-level education programme, designed for senior clinicians and fellows. It aims to provide delegates with an up-to-date understanding of strokes.

The Stroke Masterclass will consist of 10 pre-recorded lectures, delivered over three weeks in January 2021. There will also be live Q&A sessions with a panel of experts from King’s College Hospital at the end of every week.

If you are an organisation who provides education and training development to your workforce, please contact us via email for more information:

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